Mortz Team

Mortz Property Services is supported by a team of dedicated professionals and strategic advisors who underpin Mortz’s commercial activities and seamlessly operate the property management and maintenance side of the business.

Luqman Rahman leads Mortz’s Property Management Services, offering boutique property management. Luqman’s global reach and local insight of real-estate management translates into a refreshing experience for landlords and tenants alike.

Usman Rahman head’s Mortz’s Property Maintenance Services, providing bespoke solutions to the challenges faced by landlords and tenants. Usman’s wide network of dedicated contractors ensures jobs are completed in a timely manner and on budget.

Anna Sherwood is Mortz’s Operations Manager and is responsible with maintaining oversight of the all business activities. Anna’s unique disposition and dynamic nature allows any issues to be promptly and efficiently resolved.

Michael Nicholson is Mortz’s Project Supervisor and is tasked with ensuring all projects progress in a timely manner. Michael’s relationship with suppliers and contractors is a key contributor to both his personal development and the success of our ongoing projects.

Giedrus Simkus is Mortz’s Construction Manager and is in control of all working sites, ensuring that all required materials are available promptly to avoid any delays, managing relationships between the construction team and the office, as well are meeting all health and safety requirements.